Amnesty Calls for Turkish Government to Restore Freedoms Now That State of Emergency Has Ended

248774_Human rights statue Ankara

The State of Emergency in Turkey, which was implemented in the wake of the failed coup two years ago, was finally officially lifted on July 19. However, as Amnesty outlines in its updated campaign against rights violations in Turkey, lifting the State of Emergency will only make a difference if the government actively rolls back the legal and social restrictions that were implemented under its guise. The five primary steps Amnesty recommends are:

  • Repealing all unnecessary and disproportionate emergency measures
  • Releasing all those unjustly imprisoned, including human rights defenders, journalists, and academics
  • Ensuring freedom of assembly, especially for LGBTQ+ individuals and groups
  • Ending arbitrary purges of public employees
  • Allowing media and human rights organizations that have been closed to reopen

Amnesty has been keeping track of the toll the State of Emergency has had on both civil society and individuals.

70,000+ people are currently in prison pending prosecution or trial

170+ media outlets have beenclosed down

150+ journalists and media workers are currently in prison

360+ academics have been prosecuted for peace appeal

1500+ associations and foundations have been closed down

130,000+ public sector workers have been  summarily dismissed

Sign up now to show the Turkish people that you stand with them.

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