365 Days

One year ago today, Amnesty Turkey’s Honorary Chair Taner Kilic was imprisoned on false charges. He has missed a year of his life and a year of his family’s life.


Despite Taner’s extended imprisonment, Turkish prosecutors have not presented any evidence that he is guilty of any crime. It is only the fact that he is a passionate, life-long defender of human rights that is keeping him in jail.

Today we mourn the year of Taner Kılıç’s life that Turkey’s government has unjustly taken from him, but this is also a moment to redouble our efforts to secure his release and that of many other civil society activists whose work has cost them their freedom,” said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. “The evidence of Taner’s innocence is emphatic. His detention is a gross injustice that exposes Turkey’s flawed justice system and the government’s cold-blooded pursuit of anyone deemed to oppose them.”

Taner’s next hearing is June 21 and we are doing everything we can to secure his release.

Read more about Taner’s case here and send Taner a message to let him know he is not alone. We will not stop fighting until Taner is home with his family.

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