Amnesty’s John Dalhuisen pens op-ed for Politico-Europe, calls for harder line against Turkish Rights Abuses

Pressekonferenz zu Folter in Usbekistan

John Dalhuisen, Program Director for Europe and Central Asia

Politico-Europe has just published an op-ed by John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s director for Europe, in which he calls for a harder line against Turkey’s rights abuses.  He writes:

For many countries, Ankara is too important a political ally for human rights to matter. They need the country to stave off waves of migrants and refugees, to be an ally in Syria, and to halt the spread of the Islamic State. Erdoğan knows this — and he uses it to his advantage. He knows it blinds foreign leaders to the human rights violations taking place in plain sight.

You can read the entire essay here.

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