Amnesty issues urgent action in death of Afghani asylum seeker

Amnesty International issued Urgent Action regarding the death of an Afghan asylum-seeker and other asylum-seekers who are at risk of being returned to Afghanistan. Please encourage your friends and family to join this urgent letter writing campaign before August 5.

Lutfillah Tadjik, a 17 year-old Afghan asylum seeker was allegedly beaten to death by a Turkish police officer from the Foreigners Directorate Returns Centre in Van on May 31. Now, other six Afghans asylum-seekers who witnessed the assault are at risk of being returned to Afghanistan without having access to the refugee status determination procedure and before the ongoing investigation into Lutfillah Tadjik’s death has been completed.

Please write immediately in Turkish or your own language:

  • Calling on the authorities to conduct a prompt, thorough and independent investigation into the circumstances of Lutfillah Tadjik’s ill-treatment and death;
  • Urging them not to remove any witnesses to the assault from Turkey, and ensure that they receive adequate protection against any threats or intimidation;
  • Urging them not to return any of the Afghan detainees, in particular those who were witnesses to the assault, pending a prompt and fair examination of their asylum claims under the terms of the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 and in line with international standards;
  • Calling on them to ensure that asylum-seekers under 18 are treated in accordance with international law, in particular the principle of the best interests of the child.

Please send appeals to the following authorities BEFORE AUGUST 5:

Van Chief Prosecutor Mehmet Kaya (Salutation: Dear Prosecutor)

Van Cumhuriyet Başsavcısı
Cumhuriyet Cad.
Hükümet Konağı
65100 VAN
Fax: +90 (0) 432 212 04 89
+90 (0) 432 215 20 07
Minister of Interior Mr. Efkan Ala (Salutation: Dear Minister)
İçişleri Bakanlığı
Ankara, Turkey
Fax: +90 (0) 312 418 17 95

And copies to:

Minister of Justice Mr. Bekir Bozdağ 
Adalet Bakanlığı
06659 Ankara, Turkey
Fax: +90 (0)312 419 33 70
For those who live in the US, please send copy to:
Ambassador Serdar Kılıç
Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC
2525 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008

If you live outside the US, please check diplomatic representatives in your country by clicking here. 

This Urgent Action can be accessed on Amnesty International website here.

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