Amnesty’s twitter action against Turkey’s twitter ban

Amnesty International issued a press statement today condemning the Turkish government’s ban on twitter:

The Turkish government attacked social media companies and users, with the Prime Minister referring to Twitter as “a scourge”. The attacks formed part of a broader policy to silence and smear those speaking out against the government’s crackdown on the protest movement, including doctors, lawyers and journalists.

Amnesty International has also called for a twitter action to protest the ban.   Below are some suggested tweets:

.@RT_Erdogan ‘Eradicate’ attack on internet freedom, not Twitter. Unblock Twitter in Turkey! #TwitterisblockedinTurkey #internetimedokunm

.@RT_Erdogan Asıl ‘bela’ Türkiye’de internet özgürlüğünü engellemektir! Twitter yasağı kalksın! #internetimedokunma

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