AI Turkey Researcher Andrew Gardner blogs from Istanbul

Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner

Amnesty International’s researcher on Turkey has been in Istanbul monitoring events.  This morning, Amnesty his blog.  He writes:

All the evidence suggests that Berkin died because of injuries he sustained last 16 June, when he was hit at close range by a tear gas canister fired by police. He was close to his house and had apparently gone out to buy a loaf of bread. People in Turkey are incensed that taking to the streets as a peaceful demonstrator, or as a bystander, could – and still can – cost you your life at the hands of the police.

However, all the signals are that the government will ignore this groundswell of discontent and continue with their policy of repressing protests. Moments after Berkin Elvan was buried, police again used tear gas and water cannon against peaceful crowds near the funeral gathering on the road to Taksim. Clashes between police and demonstrators continued throughout the night, in Istanbul and in cities across Turkey.

Read the whole blog here.


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