Justice for Ali Ismail Korkmaz: Take Action Today!

page_ali-ismail-korkmaz-davasinda-4-tutuklama-istemi_174204089Amnesty International Turkey Researcher, Andrew Gardner, is in Kayseri, where he is observing the trial of police officers and civilians implicated in the killing of a protester, Ali Ismail Korkmaz, during the Gezi protests this past June.

This is the statement that Korkmaz gave before he fell into a coma and died on 10 July 2013:

Five or six people came up to me, they beat me with clubs on my head, back, shoulder and legs. I fell to the ground…Yesterday I didn’t have difficulty in speaking but today I can’t remember. One of my teeth is loose because of the incident. My head hurts, I have difficulty speaking. I don’t know who beat me or why. They were wearing civilian clothes. I want to make a complaint.”

In a blog posted today, Gardner reports:

The day didn’t start well. Morning news reported that the Governor of Kayseri had forbidden any demonstrations related to the trial in the city. Two thousand riot police had been sent, including reinforcements from neighbouring cities. Buses carrying demonstrators to the city were stopped by police.

You can read more on the case and how the trial has begun here.

More importantly, there are ways you can take action!

1.  Tweet using the hashtag #AliIsmailKorkmaz with calls to end impunity and target new Minister of Justice @bybekirbozdag. Sample tweets are:

#AliIsmailKorkmaz End impunity in Turkey!
Justice for #AliIsmailKorkmaz – End impunity now!

#AliIsmailKorkmaz Non à l’impunité en Turquie!
Justice pour #AliIsmailKorkmaz –  Non à l’impunité

2. Take a photo with the hashtag #AliIsmailKorkmaz with calls to end impunity. Please send the photo to AI Turkey medya@amnesty.org.tr. AI Turkey will post the photo on their Facebook page.  Photos which stress the international nature of the concern would be particularly helpful.

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