Turkey applies for Pınar Selek’s extradition

522px-Pinar_selekAccording to press reports, Turkey has applied to France for the extradition of Pınar Selek, who was sentenced this past January to life imprisonment for a 1998 bombing at the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul.

Selek’s kafkaesqe trial has been widely criticized by international organizations.  In December, 2012, Emma Sinclair-Webb, of Human Rights Watch stated that

[Selek’s trial is] a huge miscarriage of justice. The case of a women who is accused on the basis of no evidence, or statements extracted under torture were used to convict Pinar Selek. The evidence of a bombing is completely lacking; there is no forensic evidence that there was even a bombing in the Spice Bazaar back in [19]98.

In the same month, Murat Çekiç, Director of Amnesty International – Turkey, declared, “It is time for this mockery of justice to come to an end and this case be put to bed.”

Howard Eissenstat
St. Lawrence University

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