Justice for his Birthday: Tweet for Hakan Yaman

Hakan Yaman in happier days.

Hakan Yaman in happier days.

During the Gezi Protests last June, Turkish police set upon Hakan Yaman as he was returning home from work.  They brutally beat him and dragged him into a street fire.  One officer gouged out his eye.

Hakan is one of thousands of victims of police violence during the Gezi protests.  He was featured in Amnesty’s report on the Gezi protests and in videos that Amnesty produced (available in English and in Turkish).

Today, October 10, is Hakan’s birthday.  Let’s give him the birthday gift he most deserves: Justice.

Join our twitter campaign with a message of your own or with one of these sample messages:

Who beat #HakanYaman? On his birthday, send a message against impunity to Turkish authorities @aforgutu #iyikidogdunHakanYaman #GeziParki

Bugün #HakanYaman‘ın doğum günü. #iyikidogdunHakanYaman Onu döven ve ateşe atan polisler bulunsun ve cezalandırılsın. #GeziParki @RT_Erdogan

Today’s #HakanYaman‘s birthday. #iyikidogdunHakanYaman Police who beat and threw him into a fire must be found and punished. @RT_Erdogan

#iyikidogdunHakanYaman #HakanYaman‘ı döven polisler derhal bulunup cezalandırılsın. #GeziParki @RT_Erdogan http://bit.ly/GeziParkiEylemleri

#iyikidogdunHakanYaman Police who beat #HakanYaman must be found immediately and punished. #GeziParki @RT_Erdogan http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/EUR44/022/2013/en

Türkiye’deki cezasızlığa son verin! Dövülüp ateşe atılan Hakan Yaman’ın doğum günü #iyikidogdunHakanYaman http://bit.ly/GeziParkiEylemleri @RT_Erdogan


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