Some Good News: Sultana Acibuca’s conviction overturned by Court of Appeals!

In a long, difficult summer, finally some good news.

We have received news today that the Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals has overturned the conviction of Sultana Acibuca.  She had been previously been sentenced to more than six years in prison under Turkey’s overly vague anti-terrorism statutes.    Amnesty has been working on her case, in which her calls for non-violence were prosecuted under terrorism statutes, and is delighted with the outcome [for more on Acibuca’s case, see here.Turkish coverage of the court decision can be found here.

Acibuca’s case will now be returned to a lower court, where there is still a danger that the court will challenge the Appeals Court decision.  That said, the fight for Acibuca’s freedom… and freedom of expression in Turkey, has won a major victory this week.

Sultani Acibuca

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