More support from Susan Sarandon and an Amnesty protest in DC

Susan Sarandon has continued her support of Amnesty International’s campaign on Turkey with by publishing an articles on Amnesty International’s Human Rights Now site and on the Huffington Post.

(Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

(Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)












In these articles, Sarandon notes that ‘[the] use of excessive force to disperse peaceful protesters is not uncommon in Turkey, but since the clashes in Taksim Square began on May 28th, it has reached unprecedented levels within the country.”  Thousands have been injured and several killed in the police violence.

Sarandon also raises concerns about a broader crackdown:

There are also indications of a broader crackdown against civil liberties. People are reportedly being detained simply for posting information about the protests on social media, and scores of lawyers were arrested recently as they prepared to make a statement about the protests.

She calls on readers to join in Amnesty’s campaign to end the violence, protect freedom of assembly and expression, and ensure that the culture of impunity with which Turkish security forces act be brought to a close by public and impartial investigations.

Join me and Amnesty International in petitioning the Turkish government to take these actions. You can also follow the following Amnesty staff on Twitter for live updates of the situation on the ground: @muratcekic@pilkiz and @andrewegardner. For more ways on how you can help, click here.

In concluding she writes:

Peaceful dissent should never be stifled with violence. Turkish citizens have a right to express their concerns without fearing for their safety. They need the support of those of us around the world who enjoy a freedom that for them is under attack. Let these protesters know that millions around the world are watching, that the violence against them has not gone unnoticed and that we are prepared to stand up for the right to freedom of expression.


Meanwhile, in Washington, DC yesterday, a group of Amnesty supporters again protested attacks on freedom of expression and assembly in Turkey and the continued use of excessive force against peaceful protestors.  Similar protests have been conducted throughout the world in recent weeks.

Amnesty protest at the Turkish embassy in Washington, DC

Amnesty protest at the Turkish embassy in Washington, DC


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