A report from the Amnesty office in Istanbul

Our office in Istanbul writes that last night they hosted dozens of injured protesters in their office.  It was a sleepless night and the air stank of tear gas.

Twenty volunteer doctors worked in Amnesty’s Istanbul office, which effectively served as a medical center for the injured.  Amnesty activists emptied a floor to serve as an emergency care unit and created a separate space for children.

Amnesty is also coordinating between various human rights and medical organizations as well as the bar association.  Many additional lawyers are needed as well as medical supplies.  Volunteers are trying to make their way to the Amnesty office with additional supplies.

The letter closes with a plea that international supporters take action to help, by contacting Turkish embassies in their countries, their own governments, and by using social media to call attention to this grave crisis.  For information on how to take action, see here.

They are on the front lines.  But they need our support.

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