US State Department voices concern at crackdown in Turkey

Turkish Police continues to attack the protestors who resist against the demolition of Gezi Park. According to Istanbul Chamber of Doctors explanation there are approximately 100 injured people. © Nar Photos/ Tolga Sezgin Used by permission.

The U.S. State Department has joined in the chorus of voices concerned by Turkey’s crackdown on protestors in Istanbul.

The Spokesman of U.S. State Department Jen Psaki said that Washington was concerned about the number of injured in the police raids, emphasizing the respect for the rights of the protesters.

“We believe that Turkey’s long-term stability, security and prosperity can be guaranteed with the protection of the fundamental freedoms. That’s what the [protesters] seemed to be doing. These freedoms are very important in a healthy democracy,” Psaski said, adding that they had seen Amnesty International’s report condemning police’s violence.

The pressure is building on Turkey, but the violence continues.  Ensure that your voice is heard.


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