Take action! Call on Turkey to Decriminalize Dissent and Offer Real Reform

Image from AI Turkey calling for real reform on the 4th Judicial Package

This Spring promises to be a historic one for Turkey and its citizens.   Yesterday, jailed PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, called for a cease fire as part of his on-going negotiations with Turkish authorities. [Look here for Amnesty’s statement in response to these negotiations]

Turkey is also considering important reforms to its judicial system.  These reforms might help release thousands imprisoned under laws that fall far short of international standards for protecting freedom of speech and association.  Yet, Turkish reform legal reform has often resulted in half measures.  The reform package, as it currently stands, simply does not go far enough.

We must work together to ensure that this time, Turkish judicial reforms are real, that judicial harassment ends, and that freedom of expression in Turkey is protected.

You can help!  Join us in our action here and check back as our campaign continues.  There’s a lot of work left for us to do.

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