Kafka in Turkish: The Pınar Selek Trial

Pınar Selek is on trial again.

For a decade and a half, Pınar Selek’s life has been at the mercy of the Turkish courts.  Accused of involvement in a 1998 bombing at the Egyptian Bazaar, Selek has been acquitted three times.  Prosecutors, however, have appealed her acquittal and in November, 2012, a Turkish court decided to amend its previous decisions and she now faces the possibility of life imprisonment.  She will be in court again later this week, on the morning of January 24th.

As Murat Çekiç, the Director of Amnesty International  – Turkey  underlines: “It is time for this mockery of justice to come to an end and this case be put to bed”


International groups continue to protest Selek’s treatment.  GIT-NA has called her repeated trials, an “intimidating example to all those who may conduct research into ‘undesirable’ topics.”  PEN has noted that there is “no evidence has been presented that shows Selek to have been a member of the PKK or to have engaged in violent activities.”  And Amnesty International has stated that “in the absence of any further conclusive and reliable evidence in the case of Pinar Selek, Amnesty International believes that any conviction would be unsound.”

It is time for this travesty of justice to end.

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