Still no Justice for Hrant

Hrant Dink, the chief editor of Agos, was gunned down outside his Istanbul office on  January 19, 2007.  Six years ago this day.


Last year, on the fifth anniversary of his death, Amnesty International’s Turkey Researcher Andrew Gardner wrote:

Hrant Dink was murdered for peacefully expressing his opinions.  The security services knew of the murder plot and were in communication with those accused of the murder yet nothing was done to stop it taking place.

Nothing short of a full investigation into the actions of all the state institutions and officials implicated in the murder will represent justice.

Another year has passed, and that full investigation and the attendant trial of those implicated has still not taken place.  Orhan Dink, Hrant’s brother, told the Turkish Daily News last August that the family was despairing of justice:

There is nothing to be surprised about this. We had demanded an effective official investigation but it failed. The large part of the State Supervisory Council’s (DDK) murder report argued that the judicial process was problematic and that police officers were not investigated since their chiefs’ permission was not taken.

Orhan Dink believes the authorities “don’t want to extend the case over a long period of time to ensure the public forgets what happened.”

On this sixth anniversary of his brutal murder, we remember Hrant and his important work.  We will not forget.  And we insist that justice be done.

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