A Murder in Paris

On the night of January 9,  the bodies of Sakine Cansiz and two of her associates were found, murdered, at the “Kurdistan Information Office” in Paris.  The murders come at a crucial time; Turkey and the PKK (or Kurdish Workers’ Party) have recently begun peace negotiations aimed at ending a long and costly war.

In a statement, John Dalhuisen,Europe and Central Asia Programme Director for Amnesty International, called on French authorities to “leave no stone unturned” in  finding those responsible for the murders.  He also called on Turkish authorities to “cooperate fully in the investigation to bring those responsible to justice.”

Amnesty International has called on both Turkey and the PKK to”ensure that the killings do not derail negotiations aimed at ending the decades long conflict and ongoing human rights abuses.”

The assassins who perpetrated these crimes must be brought to justice.  And efforts to end the tragic conflict in Turkey must continue.

The English language version of the statement.

Türkçe için.

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